Super Bowl.

First post. What do I write about? Permanent Boyfriend (PB) and I are going to Pittsburgh to see his pal Charles in a play out there (Seminar, which on Broadway starred Alan Rickman. I wish Alan Rickman was going to be there, I really, really enjoy him). We’ve never been to Pittsburgh and from what I hear it’s a cute and beautiful city. I’m looking forward to getting out of this place for a little bit. Sunday night I’m being dragged to a Super Bowl Party, where I’ve heard the spread is amaze-balls and I’m going to eat a lot because I really still, to this day don’t understand how football works. Go Ravens? Anyway, on route to Pburgh, I’m planning to crack open the book below. One of my absolute besties, Emily has turned me on to the whole Crossfit lifestyle (I Crossfitted most of last year until we moved back out and I couldn’t fit it into my budget) and Paleo eating. I think reading this book will really shed some light on why it works (she looks and feels amazing like all the time, it’s really enviable).

Today at work, we had our annual tailgate football party pre-Super Bowl, so I had already dove into bad-food territory, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought: a small cup of tomato-based crab chowder, three hot wings with celery, the tiniest crab cake on a brioche bun with handmade potato chips, and tortilla chips and salsa. Not terribly bad, but definitely not Paleo friendly. I’ve been eating mostly Paleo for the past week or two, so even the tiniest introduction of food I didn’t prepare did make my stomach feel not so hot, did I mention the whole wheat bagel and brownie I also had? I know, bad, bad, bad Christine.

That’s the thing though- I can’t punish myself for making these food choices. You kind of have to learn from it and move on. I do love bagels (it’s definitely a NY-NJ thing, because outside of this area bagels suck, so maybe I just need to move), especially whole wheat everything ones with veggie cream cheese. I also happen to absolutely adore sweets. It’s a thing about me. I’m an EXCELLENT baker (not to brag or anything) and I grew up with a mom who loved baked goods and baked frequently, and so I’ve inherited this love from her, most definitely. It’s a thing we bond over too and are known for. Not only do I like to bake, I like to eat a lot of baked goods (duh). I’ve never turned down a slice of cake. I draw the line at most processed baked goods (Never was a Twinkie/Hostess/Tastycake kind of person, ok maybe I was in like junior high) but not only am I looking for the dessert at the end of a meal, I’m probably already thinking about it before I’ve placed my entree order. And I’ve learned to understand that sugar and refined flours aren’t my friend. They are the cause of my fluctuating weight and can zap me clean of energy. I’m not allergic, but if I have too much of it, it’s not good. Learn to adapt? Sure, I’m all about baking with alternative flours and “Paleo-izing” treats, but at the same time I’m still going to make a killer vanilla pound cake on occasion. With regular flour. And white sugar. I know one of the points in the Whole30 lifestyle is not to reward yourself with bad food because it’s a special day or because you ran a whole bunch or did 25 suicides without breaking a sweat, but there’s a beauty in baking I find, and it can be really calming and cathartic. It’s a form of creativity I love to dabble in. And at the same time, I can give up sugars of all kinds for a little bit and learn not to miss it. Luckily, I’m really into meats, so I could make a meat cake of sorts. Right?

Food Diary: Breakfast: coffee with coconut milk creamer, whole wheat bagel with vegetable cream cheese. Lunch: mini crabcake slider with handcut potato chips, tortilla chips and hot salsa, three hot wings, cup of tomato and crab chowder. Dinner:  salad with left over tuna and bacon cakes (from here), cucumbers and tomatoes, and an avocado. Snacks: brownies.


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